About Us

Bula vinaka and welcome to Shop in Fiji (shopinfiji.com). 

Shop in Fiji is your go to online retailer for Fijian made products. Shop in Fiji makes available the wonderful products made in Fiji to the outside world. We retail Fijian made or Fijian crafted products like souvenirs, handicraft, Fijian apparel like Bula shirts, artisan jewellery as well as artisan food like chutney's, pickles and jams. If you don't find anything, worry not, simply contact us with what you need and we will get it for you.

Opening hours

Our online retail shop (shopinfiji.com) is open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our customer services and help desk is open during normal working hours of 9 AM - 4 PM, Monday to Friday. 


We follow the Fijian time which is GMT +12.


All orders made before 3 PM on any given business day is processed the same day. Orders made after 3 PM or on a non-business day are processed on the next business day.


Shop in Fiji is the online retail property of Big Yellow Tree, a registered multi-faceted and multi-discipline company based in the beautiful islands of Fiji in the South Pacific. Our operations office and fulfillment center is based at 32 Spring Street, Suva, Fiji. 

Shop in Fiji is 100% Fijian owned and operated.

If you would like more details about us, please contact us.